PTA Inspiration Gallery


I put this gallery together to show readers some of the reference photos I used while writing PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION : a novel of suspense.

It will give you an idea of how I imagined some of the characters, places, and objects might look as I wrote the book.


Welcome to charming Splinter Wood, Pennsylvania


A village with a population of 1,500.

The Allegheny River runs through town

The main employer in town is the Quincy-Agra slaughterhouse.


The Belle Haven Apartments


Lizanne signs a two-year lease on a spacious one bedroom apartment on the second floor.

Ruth Cannon’s hair

Ruth Cannon has salt-and-pepper hair, with a distinctive wedge haircut

The principal of Battle Hill Elementary School has salt-and-pepper hair cut into a distinctive wedge.

The cover of ‘Lover’s Tangled Knot’


Prisoner Clint Hubert looks like a cover model on one of Lizanne’s romance novels.

Welcome to Miss Demeter’s Third Grade


She wanted the classroom to be an optimal learning environment for her students.

First Day of School

Lizanne Demeter wore a conservative floral dress on her first day teaching third-grade at Battle Hill Elementary.

Fresh Highlights and American Sportswear


The ‘Fresh-Off-A-Sailboat’ look favoured by Naomi Seabrook.

Naomi’s Tote


Naomi carries a huge tote bag for necessities such as Sebastian’s snacks, and teacher gifts.

Naomi’s Rusty Bicycle


“The best way to see Splinter Wood is by bicycle”, Naomi tells Lizanne, “You can borrow mine anytime you want.”

Lizanne’s Style


Lizanne prefers to shop from mail-order catalogue. She feels most comfortable in long dresses with good coverage, but her boyfriend Clint hates this look.

Frackville State Prison


This is the institution where Clint is incarcerated for fraud.

Lizanne’s car


An economical white Hyundai

The winding road into Splinter Wood


The road in was so winding, Beverley Packard wished she had taken a Dramamine.

Beverley Packard has a head full of tight grey curls


A no-nonsense style. Beverley and Lizanne bonded as the only two ‘spinsters’ on staff at Lizanne’s former school.

The exterior of Battle Hill Elementary School


The bicycle rack is around the side and cannot be seen from any window.


The school playground


The equipment is rather old.

Ace Hill Road, a few miles outside of town


The Otto Wooten property is the last one on the left, before the fork at Bog Oar Lane.

The maple tree outside Miss Demeter’s window


Student Trevor McMinn was warned many times not to climb the tree.




Zedorn was a good drug, with a lot of excellent reports behind it. Psychiatrists handed it out with glee.

The Dress, only $29



Clint asks Lizanne to send him photos of herself in a sexy red dress.

The Steeplechase Outlet Mall, just off the I-80

Steeplechase Outlet Mall

Lizanne shops at ‘Clubz’ for a suitable dress to impress Clint. She also visits the Starbucks to check the balance on her ‘World’s Best Teacher’ gift card.

Bobo the puppet


Counsellor Joanne Pinkler uses puppets to explain difficult subject matter to youngsters.

Naomi’s renovated kitchen


Terra cotta tiles in a honeycomb pattern, granite counters, and an apron sink. Underneath that sink, Naomi stores something very important.

The China Pattern



“This china is not Made-in-China,” Officer Waddell observes admiringly.

Visiting room at Frackville


Not an ideal place for an intimate conversation between boyfriend and girlfriend. Visitors may bring coins to use in the overpriced vending machines.